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Re: Encrypting different directories

Robin Laing wrote:

I am looking into this as well.

I don't want to encrypt the whole home directory as it will be on a RAID device and doesn't require it. Not all users require encryption at all times. What I want is the ability to encrypt subdirectories as required. Such as work done at home that needs to be protected from everyone else but me. Something that needs to ensure that the files are encrypted, even if the power is removed to crash the system.

Enough control to allow this to be done in the background instead of having to decrypt and re-encrypt directories/files as required. Pre-assigning a loop back device would require to much space dedicated to a single user/application that would change as requirements change. 40gig one day and 200 gig the next.

I have a question on this.

Is it possible to mount loop devices as LVM's or is it the other way around? This could allow changes to be made as required.

Robin Laing

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