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Re: yum update hanging on db4-4.3.27-5.fc4.i386 -- solved

John DeDourek wrote:

Andy Green wrote:

John DeDourek wrote:

Anyone have an idea how to find out what it is "sleeping" on?
What's it waiting for?

lsof -n | grep yum

will show everything it is touching, maybe it can give a clue.

Here is the list of files in my db4

# rpm -q --list db4


ll -c

on that list to check the last modification times... not today on any
--> kill yum and don't worry :-)


Current status:

rebooted to runlevel 2

yum update attempting to update db4, db4-devel, db4-utils, still hangs in
a sleep.

rpm -V db4
shows only changes to configuration files

rpm -V db4-devel
shows no problems

rpm -V db4-utils
gives a list of error messages of the form
"prelink: some-file-name: at least one of file's dependencies has changed since

where the file names are:

These 11 files also give a verify error of:

Don't know if that's a cause or a result of the yum hang.

The following succeeded in correcting the problem:

yum erase db4-utils
yum erase db4-devel
yum update
# note: updated only db4
yum install db4-devel
yum install db4-utils

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