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Re: SAMBA configuration - Machine name

Mike McCarty wrote:
> I've read all the help available on SAMBA available from GNOME.
> I've got an MSDOS (6.0) machine with MSCLIENT over TCP/IP running
> on it, and a Fedora Core 2 machine, using static IP addresses.
> Each machine can successfully ping the other. But when I try
> to establish a share connection from the MSDOS machine to the
> Linux machine, the MSDOS machine cannot find the Linux machine.
> JMCCARTY AMD586 Q:\NET> net use * \\presario\tmp
> [several second pause]
> Error 53: The computer name specified in the network path cannot
> be located.
> I've used the GNOME tool to configure SAMBA, and verified that
> the workgroup names used on the two machines are the same.
> As root I edited /etc/samba/samba.cnf to include a
>   netbios name = presario
> line in it, hoping to set the machine name for the server,
> because I cannot see any option in the GNOME tool to set the
> machine name. I've run the syntax checker, and it doesn't
> complain about the configuration file.
> # uname -n
> Presario-1
> I can't use this name with MSCLIENT, since it only accepts up
> to 8 characters, so I want to override the "machine name" Linux
> uses.
> In any case, even when I ask for MSCLIENT to scan the network
> for servers, none appears...
> JMCCARTY AMD586 Q:\NET> net view
> [several second pause]
> Error 6118: The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently
> available.
> It appears that I haven't actually configured SAMBA in such a manner
> that MSCLIENT can find any servers on the net. I have re-run the
> GNOME SAMBA configurator several times, but still no luck.
> (Yes, I've set up a user and some shares, but it appears that the
> machine isn't even showing up on the network, let alone denying
> requests.)
> Would someone please help me in configuring SAMBA?
> Mike
You may have to edit the lmhosts file on the MSCLIENT machine, and
add an entry for the Sambe machine. If you don't have one, you can
create on. The form on the entries:
<ip address>	<NETBOIS NAME>

The problem could be that the MSCLIENT is not finding the NMB
server, so it can not get a list of machines on the network.
This is especially true is you more then just the TCP/IP protocol
installed. For some reason, MSCLIENT does not do a good job of host
lookup using TCP/IP, and always seems to fail if you have other
protocols. This may be because TCP/IP is somewhat of an add-on to


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