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Re: SAMBA configuration - Machine name

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

You may have to edit the lmhosts file on the MSCLIENT machine, and
add an entry for the Sambe machine. If you don't have one, you can
create on. The form on the entries:
<ip address>	<NETBOIS NAME>

That file exists, but is empty. I added a line, and did

JMCCARTY AMD586 Q:\NET> net stop
[confirm to log out]
JMCCARTY AMD586 Q:\NET> net start
[successful login and start]

But it still cannot find that machine. A possibility I have

When I set up MSCLIENT, I gave the Linux box as the gateway.
Should I have done that?

I said that I can ping, and that's true, but not by name,
BTW. I use the (static) IP addresses.

The problem could be that the MSCLIENT is not finding the NMB
server, so it can not get a list of machines on the network.
This is especially true is you more then just the TCP/IP protocol
installed. For some reason, MSCLIENT does not do a good job of host
lookup using TCP/IP, and always seems to fail if you have other
protocols. This may be because TCP/IP is somewhat of an add-on to

I don't think I installed NETBEUI or other protocol. I believe
I only installed TCP/IP.

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