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Re: SAMBA configuration - Machine name

The main point is that Mike use "net use * \\presario\tmp" instead of "net 
use f: \\presario\jmccarty" .

I had seen the FAQ after yr reminding.
Perhaps, I write that *** OR ***  "net use f: \\SMB_IP_ADDRESS\jmccarty" is 

However, In my experience, \\SMB_IP_ADDRESS\Share_Folder is used sucessfully 
to connect from Window 98 to Fedora Core 2.
I don't know whether \\SMB_IP_ADDRESS\C$ is specified to Windows Folder 
Since C$ has been seen in Windows Folder Sharing,  rather than Samba on 

Anyway, thank you for yr reminder!

"William Hooper" <whooperhsd3 earthlink net> 
???????:4398 192 168 0 45 1142567304 squirrel token   

Ben wrote:
> can you use smbclient to connect the SAMBA in FC2. should the command in
> MSCLIENT be "net use f: \\presario\jmccarty"
> OR "net use f: \\SMB_IP_ADDRESS\jmccarty"
> Perhaps,
> you may find a bootdisk in http://www.nu2.nu/bootdisk/network/ you may use
> the bookdisk to connect the samba in other workstation for testing.

Quoting the FAQ on the nu2.nu page:

Q: I've loaded the network drivers (tcp), all OK. When I use "net use f:
\\\c$" I get "Error 53: The computer name specified in the
network path cannot be located".

A: You cannot use IP-based machine names when using Microsoft client. You
need to enter the real machine name: "net use f: \\servername\c$".

I think the other post about opening port 137 for UDP has merit.  The only
time I've had to mess with this I've had a fully functioning DNS server to
resolve the names.

William Hooper

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