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Re: SAMBA configuration - Machine name

William Hooper wrote:
Quoting the FAQ on the nu2.nu page:

Q: I've loaded the network drivers (tcp), all OK. When I use "net use f:
\\\c$" I get "Error 53: The computer name specified in the
network path cannot be located".

A: You cannot use IP-based machine names when using Microsoft client. You
need to enter the real machine name: "net use f: \\servername\c$".

I'm not using IP addresses in the net commands.

I think the other post about opening port 137 for UDP has merit.  The only
time I've had to mess with this I've had a fully functioning DNS server to
resolve the names.

AIUI, the names used here have NOTHING to do with the IP names
whatsoever, nor with DNS. They have to do with SMB, which is
entirely different. Or, to put it another way, these names get
used when the transport is NETBEUI rather than TCP/IP. So they
can't be tied to TCP/IP or even just IP.

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