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libtune API


I'm pleased to announce the end of the first step for a project related to Linux kernel tunables.

Automatic Kernel Tunables Project (http://akt.sourceforge.net/)

I. The first part of this project aims at providing a standard API (libtune) to unify the various ways Linux developers have to access kernel tunables, system information, resource consumptions.

The libtune API provides the following features, while remaining portable across kernel releases, distros and families: 1) get the value of a set of tunables, either stored as a part of a pseudo-file or as a complete pseudo-file
2) set the value of the writable set of tunables
3) locate a set of tunables (in terms of the associated pseudo-file)
4) get a help string for a set of tunables
And other minor functionalities.

The libtune API is built on top of the existing mechanisms: it "hides" them instead of replacing them (backward compatibility is not broken).

Today, there's a limited set of supported kernel releases, distros, families, as well as a limited set of supported tunables (the list of tunables that are supported today can be found at

All this can easily be enhanced thanks to a set of scripts that are delivered with the libtune API.

1) The libtune API can be dowloaded from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=136028&package_id=154059&release_id=392543
2) The design can be found at
3) The API documentation can be found at

II. The second step of the project aims at making the kernel able to automatically tune the resources as it sees appropriate. For people who would be interested in this second part, a first draft design is available at http://akt.sourceforge.net/doc/akt/akt.design.01.html, and a proto can be dowloaded from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=136028&package_id=149521&release_id=397699


Name.......... Nadia DERBEY
Organization.. BULL/DT/OSwR&D/Linux
Email......... mailto:Nadia Derbey bull net
Address....... BULL, B.P. 208, 38432 Echirolles Cedex, France
Tel........... (33) 76 29 77 62 [Internal Bull: (229) 77 62]
Telex,Fax..... 980648 F - (33) 76 29 76 00
Internal Bull. Mail: FREC-B1405

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