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Re: SATA Question for you

Does Windows?
If it doesn't either then you might have your SATA bus disabled in your BIOS.
I had a similar problem until I realized that the BIOS didn't register that it has a SATA bus until I turned on the RAID option in the setup. I didn't set it up and don't use it for RAID, it just seemed to be needed to be able to use SATA drives.

On 3/17/06, Richard Verdugo <richverdugo gmail com> wrote:
I can't get Fedora Core 3 or Fedora Cora 4 to recognize my SATA hdd's.
The type of drives I'm using are:  Seagate Barracuda 7200.g   160GB
The Motherboard I'm using is:     ASUS-VM Rev. 1.01   ACPI Bios Rev. 0403

Are there any procedures or drivers that you know of that could help me get this to work?

Thank you for your time.


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