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Re: fedora installation problems

On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 12:01 -0800, jim phelps wrote:
> >> jim phelps wrote:
> >> Im having problem installing FC4, maybe someone can
> >> help.
> >> <SNIP>
> >Paul Howarth wrote:
> >Have you got the updated xorg-x11* packages installed?
> ># yum update xorg-x11\*
> >Paul.
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> No, but I remember some mumble on this list
> about some problems with xorg stuff ?
> Do all users of FC4 need to update their xorg files?
> Can you point to where I can find more info on this?
> Thanks for the help, system is useless till I can get
> it fixed.
System won't fix itself.  Updated software won't break it.

Search the archives for lots of related information. (There was one
update of the xorg software that had an issue but it has been updated
again and I have seen no complaints recently.)
Also, there were a lot of different issues with the early release of FC4
that were fixed over time by updates to a _lot_ of different packages.

If you want a stable, secure system where everything works as expected
then do a simple 'yum update' and get all installed packages updated to
the latest.  If you still have problems after that then ask again.


> Regards,
> jimp

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