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Re: Fedora core 2 upon reboot will get stuck

Thanks for your replay.
After  remove "rhgb quiet" and rebooting
I got more messagees but stuck at the same message.
Here are  messages that I got from monitor:
md :... autorun  done
red Hat nast version 3.5.22 stating
Mounted /Proc fileSystem
Mounting syssfs
Loading scsi_mod.ko module
scsi subsystem initialized
Loading sd_mod.ko module
Loading libata.ko module
Loading sta_via.ko  module
Loading jbd.ko module
Loading ext3.ko module
creating block device
creating root device
Mounting root filesystem
kjouroald stating commit interval 5 seonds
ext3-fs :mounting filesystem with ordered data mode
Freeing us\nused kernel memory: 144k  freed
SELinux: Disabled at runtime
SELinux: unregistering netfilter hooks

INIT: version 2.85 booting



Please Help;

On 3/16/06, Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists uni-x org> wrote:
Am Do, den 16.03.2006 schrieb M.K um 21:20:

> I installed Fedora core 2 server six month ago and it worked fine. Yesterday
> after turn off the computer the system did not boot. The server upon reboot
> will get stuck at.
> Red hat nash version 3.5.22
> INIT : version 2.85 booting:

> Mkohan

At grub boot screen press "a" and remove "rhgb quiet" from the kernel
line. Then boot. This modification will 1 time boot in non GUI mode and
with verbose / normal boot messages. My guess is that fsck is running.
Else please provide us with the messages you see.


P.S. Hope you use the security updates from www.fedoralegacy.org.

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