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Re: Formatting HDD

>> I am fed up with internet malware and have been told that a
>> Linux-based program gets little or none.

Bruno Wolff III:
> I wouldn't recommend switching for this reason alone. It is possible
> to use a Windows system safely, it is just harder because Microsoft
> believes it is a good idea to make it easy for people to shoot
> themselves in the foot.  There will be some pain in switching over
> that you need to balance against what you are saving.

I probably wouldn't recomment it for that reason alone, either.  But
then it can be as good as reason as any other.  For some situations
Windows *isn't* the appropriate OS, and it involves more hard work than

Switching OSs *can* involve a lot of hard work, which ever direction
you're going in.  But then, just switching applications on the same OS
can be equally painful (a change in mail systems when you have a lot of
stored mail you need to keep accessible, a change in office suite
software, accounting software, etc).

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