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Re: fc3: where to get newest kernel from ?

Tim wrote:

On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 10:31 -0800, John Wendel wrote:
I run kernel from kernel.org on my FC3 systems. Works fine for me on some Intel and AMD based boxes, but as they say, your mileage may vary.

Just for the sake of curiosity, was that difficult to do?  I was of the
understanding that Red Hat extensively customised kernels for their own

Difficult? No, actually the process is fairly entertaining.

I think you're correct that RH applies a lot of kernel patches, but I've never bothered. If they're really needed, then Linus would have pulled them into the "standard" kernel. For a simple desktop box the standard kernel works just fine. I'm sure you can find some nice kernel building instructions on the web. I just download the kernel.org kernel and latest patch file, untar, patch, run "make oldconfig", "make", "make modules_install" and "make install". Cross fingers and reboot. Usually it works fine. I keep the latest Fedora kernel to boot from if the new one fails. It hasn't failed in a long time.

The hard part is getting a working kernel .config file. You can start with the Fedora config file (found in /boot), copy it into your kernel source directory, rename it ".config" and run "make menuconfig" to customize it. Be prepared to config / build / boot several times until you get it right. Remember that the Fedora/RH kernels are built to run on every hardware configuration imaginable. You can save some kernel memory and disk space by omitting all the modules for hardware that you don't have. There isn't any point in building your own kernel if you just use the Fedora config file. Experiment, break something!

You can also help everyone by testing the latest development kernels and reporting bugs. If you want to get into this, you need to subscribe to the kernel developers mailing list, linux-kernel vger kernel org Just don't post anything stupid because those guys tend to be less friendly than everyone here on the Fedora list.



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