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Re: ssh times out trying to login to machine outside the LAN

Joel Rees wrote:
> I'm pretty sure the ssh configurations are all pretty much stock. 
> Just looked at the configuration files and didn't see anything that I 
> can recall changing.
> I can ssh in and out on the local LAN.
> My cohorts at a different company say they can log in and out. (The 
> box in question is at yet a third company.) They had the admin on the 
> box in question check the logs, and that admin suggested that my 
> company's firewall was to blame. (3rd information.)
> So I brought my workstation home and set it running static local IP 
> here, and NAT redirected port 22 to the workstation. Still get 
> timeouts. But, as I say, I can ssh both in and out of the box on the 
> local LAN, challenge, password, etc.

I'm a bit confused about that last paragraph. You're trying to SSH
*from* a box at work *to* your workstation (which is temporarily at
home)? (You're not trying to connect to the computer at the third
company from home?)

Try pinging the server in question.

traceroute server.example.com
which will show you if your packets are actually making it to the 
server in question.

telnet google.com 80
and see if you get a connection. (Won't work if you're forced to use a
proxy, won't help if there's a transparent proxy in the way).

It is quite possible, after all, that your company firewall is to blame.
If the admins have set it up on a "block everything and unblock when
needed" basis, this might be intentional.

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