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Re: Can scp be used to update a directory?

Anne Wilson wrote:
Really?  I had completely misunderstood, then.

Any advice/caveats? With a man page running to 34 pages it will take a bit of digesting ;-)


Here's a sample of what I use every day to sync my home directory to another machine where ssh runs on port 8090, excluding the Cache of any mozilla based browser (--exclude=Cache) , deleting any excluded files that by accident may have been sent to the destination and files that have been removed (--delete-excluded includes --delete) and copying the contents of symlinks, instead of copying the links (--copy-links). rsync -avz -e 'ssh -p 8090' /home/pmacedo/ my_other_machine:~/sync/ --delete-excluded --exclude=Cache --copy-links One caveat: you must be running rsync either from the source or the destination machine, since rsync wont do remote to remote syncs using ssh. That's usually what I use and I've never needed any other options besides those to do any type of sync.

Pedro Macedo

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