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Re: problem with wine-tools

On Sat, 2006-03-18 at 12:21 -0500, Claude Jones wrote:
> The FC4 rpm is not installing though I get no error messages. I've got the 
> following:
> $ rpm -qa | grep wine
> wine-esd-0.9.9-1.fc4
> wine-jack-0.9.9-1.fc4
> wine-arts-0.9.9-1.fc4
> wine-capi-0.9.9-1.fc4
> wine-devel-0.9.9-1.fc4
> wine-nas-0.9.9-1.fc4
> wine-ldap-0.9.9-1.fc4
> wine-twain-0.9.9-1.fc4
> wine-tools-0.9.9-1.fc4
> wine-0.9.9-1.fc4
> wine-cms-0.9.9-1.fc4
> I've tried removing and reinstalling, but no success. If I type "wt" from a 
> user command line, I get:
> $ wt
> -l: wt: command not found
> If I look in the folder /usr/local there is no /winetools folder. This folder 
> exists on my other box in which installation was successful. Anyone else 
> encounter this? Unfortunately, there is no support for wine-tools on the wine 
> list, so I'm asking here, since the rpm's do exist in extras.
try 'rpm -qa |grep wine' to see what the rpmdb thinks is installed.

are these rpm's local?  depending upon the output from above, you might

rpm -Uvh wine*rpm

'which wt' is probably gonna tell you not found. Generally /usr/local
isn't in people's 'path' but you can always add it if you need to...


and you can query an installed package to see where it puts its files...

rpm -ql wine
or better...
rpm -ql wine|grep wt


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