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Re: Fedora Core Installation

Nader Mirzaee wrote:

thanx to Ed ,i tried linux ide=nodma and the media check result for FC disc 1,2,4 was FAIL! only disc 3 PASSed! means that the image has errors due to corrupt download .I downloaded it with DSL 128k by flashget in windows and several times paused and resumed it.My question is "what is the best way for an "error free" download in windows and linux ?

Torrent (specially if you use the torrents from torrent.fedoraproject.org and help seed for a while ;) ). The torrent protocol works perfectly... And you can even reuse what you have downloaded... Open the .torrent file, then stop it.. Overwrite the files it created with the ones you already have.. Then go back to your torrent client and tell it to recheck the files... It should checksum all files and download only what is needed to make your image match the files from the torrent.

Pedro Macedo

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