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Re: Problems installing FC4 on Dell Optiplex GX620

You're right I was wrong in how I expressed myself in my last post.

Please forgive the troll-like nature of my words and let me simply say this:

There are many tools out there and many jobs.  I have a leatherman tool that
has a knife, plyers, screwdrivers etc.  I would not use it as a hammer nor
would I use it were I in need of a tool to screw in 100 #3 philips screws.

Linux has it's place and does quite well at many things.  It is not,
however, the tool for all jobs.  I will not pretend that Linux is perfect or
better than any other tool in my toolbox.  It is a tool and it is very
useful to me.  Currently, it is a ball-ache to force Fedora Core 4 to use
SATA drives properly.  Fedora Core 5 is just on the horizon and I am


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> Hi,
> > Hey welcome to the world of 16 bit disk access that we all enjoyed
> > back in the early 1980's on the IBM AT.
> I smell a troll...
> > The fix for your problem is wait until Linux catches up to the Windows
> > world in terms of, among other things, emerging disk technologies.
> Yep. Troll.
> > If you want to run UNIX, there are many choices which do support
> > modern technologies perfectly well.  (IE IBM AIX, HP UNIX, Sun
> > Solaris)
> Snore...
> Wake me up when you go...
> Paul
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> "ein zu starker starker Anblick kann Sie toten. Sie gegen gerade uber
> den Rand mit dem festen Wissen des Wege vor Ihnen" - Linus Tordvals
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