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Re: Problems installing FC4 on Dell Optiplex GX620

The EULA on Microsoft's site has transfer on section 14 here is the link


The EULA I was reading is on paper but I did find the same one online here
at this link and you will notice transfer is in section 4


 "incredibly limited set of rights "  Exactly what is the warranty on Linux?

No response?

 "why they bother endlessly purchasing and repurchasing the same software"
 Are you talking about buying the exact same title over and over again or
 were you trying to say that because you once bought DOS 6 that you should
 entitled to use Windows 2003 Data Center?

No response?

 "privilege fee which is neither transferable nor durable." Exactly when
 my license for XP Pro expire?  Where in the EULA does it say I cannot sell
 the software to some other entity?

No response?

> there have been suggestions that 'some' of these TCO studies that favor
> Microsoft were paid for by Microsoft and the criteria used was slanted
> in their favor but there of course are always - it depends...curiously
> though, the issue of TCO wasn't on the table at all and I'm not sure why
> you want to move the discussion to tangential issues.

You Sir, introduced cost into this discussion and because I did not let you
get away with it you now accuse me of making a tangential issue.

There are dozens done by universities and independant large companies which
clearly show MS as the winner.

> You must be referring to some other eula.

See above

>  to be Windows as long as they are selling 90% +
> of the desktop market. That apparently is shifting too if you haven't
> noticed and you obviously are aware that the server market has entirely
> different OS ratios.

That's good for everyone as competition normally benefits the consumer.  I
hope this ends all this anti-trust nonsense.

> Perhaps what I take issue with most vehemently is the attitude of
> entitlement that users expect things to be perfect on Linux or Fedora
> or ???

I recently built a MythTV box.  I knew going in that I would not have things
go perfectly nor would it be possible without the efforts of the dedicated
people who brought us v4l, ivtv, and mythtv.

> X or anywhere. With Linux...it is your software - you own it. You can
> view it, change it, inspect it, copy it, transfer it...do what you
> please. If it isn't what you want it to be, you can either curse the
> darkness or light a candle. With Windows or Mac OS X, you have no chance
> of lighting a candle and all you can do is curse the darkness.

Nice shift to poetry.  I wont follow you into a discussion of OS's in poetic
terms but I will point out that Windows is modified every day by people
outside Microsoft.

When I worked for digital, we released our own version of NT 3.51 and SQL
Server with Active passive clustering.

Every version of Microsoft Data Center is customized by the hardware vendor.

There are hundreds of custom HAL's out there for NT based systems.

I do not follow your poetic line about darkness and candles unless you are
saying that Windows is immutable and then you are simply wrong.

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