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Re: Problems installing FC4 on Dell Optiplex GX620

Thanks for the bit on hot swap software raid.  I never knew.
My server hardware experience has largely been with IBM, digital, and
Compaq.  I never ran across a software hot swap RAID.  I've always been
fortunate enough to use hardware RAID.

> You should be entitled to the version that finally works right, if
> there ever is one...  Remember DOS 4 where they got absolutely
> everything wrong?

I do remember DOS 4 it's was crap.  The only way to use it was to strip out
all the new "features".  Do you also remember that MS DOS was the single
most pirated software ever?  Do you know that Microsoft license for DOS 4
allowed the user to use in its place any previous version of DOS?

As for the foil hat wearing black helicopter conspiracy crowd that think all
the TCO white papers were paid for by MS, consider Equifax as an example.
Why would their own independent study for themselves favor Microsoft over

I will leave it to you to google TCO white papers there are only about a
million of them and I know you will find one that says slackware roxor or
something like that.

The day may come where you are in a position of responsibility to protect
the interest of shareholders and you will have to spend their money wisely.
I hope by then you are more open.

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