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Re: Problems installing FC4 on Dell Optiplex GX620

So first it was the EULA doesn't have transfer and now it's "try it"
The fact that the US EULA I have in my hand was not found online doesn't
make it less real.  Nor does the fact that I found a similar one in New

The facts are you stated it was limited in time and could not be transfered.
"which is neither transferable nor durable"

You were wrong on both and will not admit it.

> are you implying that Windows has a Warranty? There's no crying in
> baseball.

The Warranty is in the EULA but I don't think you have access to one.

> >  "why they bother endlessly purchasing and repurchasing the same
> >  Are you talking about buying the exact same title over and over again
> >  were you trying to say that because you once bought DOS 6 that you
> > be
> >  entitled to use Windows 2003 Data Center?
> >
> > No response?
> ----
> why do you want to force a debate on an absurd example? Is that this
> works? Proffer absurd examples for debate?

It is an absurd notion that there are people out there buying the same
software over and over again.  I haven't seen it. You will not support it.

> actually, if you have been following the news you would know that your
> license expires when the motherboard craps out as Microsoft has
> determined that the motherboard represents enough of a hardware change
> to end license rights.

Check the EULA it clearly says that I can transfer it to another system.
I've done it.  I've done it for others and once I had to call in.  The call
took less than five minutes and I never even spoke to a human.

Tangents began with "entirely proprietary"

> > There are dozens done by universities and independant large companies
> > clearly show MS as the winner.
> ----
> To quote Harry Nilsson (the rock man), you see what you want to see and
> hear what you want to hear. The suggestion that TCO stuff without a
> complete dissection of the criteria is absurd and not relevant to a
> discussion about SATA and a red herring to the discussion at hand.

In a related topic of hearing what you want to hear a recent study showed
that when Democrats and Republicans listen to the news and it contridicts
what they believe they proceed to develope a theory as to why the story is
wrong and actually reward themselves with a feeling of accomplishment for

I think that is what is going on here with you and me.

You made false statements and refuse to back away from them when presented
with the facts.  And I am just as bad maybe worse since I am sticking to
points of order which I should simply let pass.

> > > You must be referring to some other eula.
> >
> > See above
> ----
> when I move to New Zealand

Again the EULA clearly shows transfer I can't read it to you.  Why are you
not reading it correctly? I blame government schools.  And you know very
well that I pointed you to the US EULA which is on Microsoft's own website
and it clearly proves that you were wrong about transfer.  You only bring up
New Zealand here to confuse the issue and to deflect the discussion from
your falicious claim that XP will expire and it can not be sold or moved to
another computer.

Microsoft has never told anyone that they had to stop using BASIC which was
their first product.  Microsoft has told people that as of such and such
date we are not supporting for free or for fee such and such product.  You
also know that the Fedora Project only supports the current version and the
preceeding one (or is it two?  I really don't know) So beware if you have
FC2 it's falling out of support!

> > >  to be Windows as long as they are selling 90% +
> > > of the desktop market. That apparently is shifting too if you haven't
> > > noticed and you obviously are aware that the server market has
> > > different OS ratios.
> >
> > That's good for everyone as competition normally benefits the consumer.
> > hope this ends all this anti-trust nonsense.
> ----
> nonsense? you mean like price fixing, rewarding assemblers based upon
> not permitting other software on the desktop, leveraging their monopoly
> to squeeze out competitors by giving software away or vastly
> undercutting competitive hardware and software companies by selling at a
> loss.

Competitors do not exist when there is a monoploy.

A monopoly is an economic condition wherein one producer controls all
production of a product.

Saying Microsoft is a monopoly because they produce windows is like saying
Honda is a monopoly because they produce the civic.

Just tell me when it was in human history that Microsoft produced the only
operating system or the only application software?

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