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Re: FOSS community, disabled users must learn to communicate

On 3/18/06, M. Fioretti <mfioretti mclink it> wrote:
> Greetings,
> here is an article I wrote on this subject:
> http://software.newsforge.com/software/06/03/13/1628249.shtml?tid=150
> >From the article:
> > "What is the real issue?  The way the software was developed and
> > distributed, or the way it limits or protects my rights?"

Also from the article:

"Variety is bad, we don't want to have to change."

The only response I can muster is, "cope."

F/OSS software is more than just Linux and the OpenDocument format has
nothing to do with Linux at all.  Your article (while very well
written) serves only to highlight the selfish whines of a few ignorant
(in terms of uneducated) people that are confusing accessibility
issues in Linux with the adoption of OpenDocument formats for official
government work.

While accessibility issues in Linux need work, the adoption of
OpenDocument formats in government is something that needs to happen. 
The complaint expressed in the article is like someone complaining
that their copy of Word is useless because the goverment is switching
all their documents to plain text.


"I trust the Democrats to take away my money, which I can afford.  I
trust the Republicans to take away my freedom, which I cannot."

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