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Re: Problems installing FC4 on Dell Optiplex GX620

On Sun, 2006-03-19 at 03:16 -0500, Myth User wrote:
> ----
> > I guess as long as you ignore the fact that they were convicted of
> > unduly using their monopoly status by the justice department, then your
> > characterization might be reasonable.
> >
> > As long as you ignore their settlements with the 50 states for their
> > conviction and with school districts and large users through the US
> > based upon their conviction, then your characterization might be
> > reasonable.
> >
> > With that, it's been fun but I'm going to bed now.
> > Good night Microsoft employee.
> >
> > Craig
> Microsoft was never "convicted" (I think you mean "found liable" but they
> weren't found liable either. ) in the US DoJ case.
> http://www.usdoj.gov/atr/cases/ms_index.htm
> Microsoft was never said to be a monopoly by the DoJ
> http://www.usdoj.gov/atr/cases/ms_index.htm
> You don't know or you are pretending not to know what a monopoly is.
> http://www.dictionary.com
splitting hairs to the point where you need a dictionary reference?
Adjudicated, settled, convicted...are you that worried about the

Yeah, I guess so because you call 'upgrades' not 're-purchasing'. OK, I
will go for accuracy here...an 'upgrade' is the ability to 're-purchase'
at a discount.

In any event, the DOJ 'proved' several points of their case against
Microsoft, they are still under compliance orders, they are under appeal
for similar issues already adjudicated in the EU. At what point do you
call the kettle, black?

> The product sold to the customer in your motherboard case and I suspect the
> one you are using are labled "not for resale".  I am using the full retail
> version.
oh oh - various versions of EULA - imagine that. We were however talking
about 'transfer' not 'resale' - guess what...the license...the ability
to use the same copy of Windows XP...it don't transfer. Funny how you
missed the point of that.
> The EULA on my drive has the transfer information in section 13.  So yet
> another version of the EULA this one is even different from the hard copy
> that came with the product..
> Seems I remember you saying "people only hear what they want to hear"
> Let me try prose or an extended metaphore following your example and I do
> hope it is as clear as yours were.
> Fedora is a bird that sings in the forest while Windows is a stable
> operating system.
what is your point? Why are you here?

I ask that seriously because I don't get the point of your being on this
list at all - to antagonize people with your preference for Windows?

I've got a Windows machine right here. Three taps on my keyboard and my
kvm switches to Windows/Mac/Linux or Linux server. No big deal

There are a lot of people on this list that use Windows - so what?

What is your point? To argue with us that Microsoft isn't greedy,
punitive, a monopoly, confusing everyone with an array of End User
License Agreements, selling software with restrictive licenses, or just
generally denigrating those that 'stupidly' believe that Linux is far
more 'enterprise' ready than Windows at this point in time?

You seem well suited for sales of low lands in Florida near Lake

Admittedly Fedora is not intended for the enterprise...Red Hat has
products for the enterprise...they are called RHEL and they have
different mail lists for those. Perhaps you want to take your assertions
that Linux isn't ready for the enterprise with people who are running
the enterprise version in their enterprise...if you want to dance to the
music, you really should go to where the band is playing. I'll see you
there because I am on the lists there too and I actually do run their
'enterprise' versions.

I did personally enjoy how you accused me of being wrong and fallacious
but when provided with evidence that proved my point that it was you who
was wrong and specifically asked you to acknowledge, that you ignored
the question altogether.

One last thing...a comment about class. I am subscribed to several
Windows mail lists and I manage to participate on the list without
antagonizing those who blindly believe as you do. Somewhere inside, you
probably have some class as you are somewhat articulate...you should
make more of an effort to display it.


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