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Re: Setting X11 Screen Resolution.

On 06/03/19 01:24 Reg Clemens apparently typed:

> Well, I know about xorg.conf.
> And reading the man page, I see somethings I used to set here, like the
> size of the screen in mm are now missing.

> Setting the Monitor type, as suggested by Dan, is not possible, as the
> Monitor (a flat screen Samsung) is newer than the Fedora release...

Just pick a generic matching your display, such as 1600x1200 LCD @ 60 Hz.

> I just had a feeling, that there was someplace else.
> That by setting SOMETHING I could determine whether X11 used
> the 75 or 100dpi fonts, and (probably) determined a number of other
> things.

75 vs 100 is for bitmap fonts used by old apps.

> xdpyinfo gives a screen size in mm, there must be some place to
> overrride that.

To set screen size:
In xorg.conf in 'Section "Screen"' find 'SubSection "Display"' for the
color depth you want and either set a size for 'Virtual' (e.g. 1600
1200) or set at least one size for 'Modes' (e.g. "1600x1200").

To set DPI, one option for getting a suitable one is to force it. In
'Section "Monitor"', add one line from here:

Another option if you have a supported display adapter is "UseEDID". You
can Google that one. I don't have any hardware that supports it.

Another DPI option is /etc/X11/Xresources, where you can force one, such
as "Xft.dpi: 108".

Some related links:
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