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Re: Problems installing FC4 on Dell Optiplex GX620

On Sun, 2006-03-19 at 03:44 -0500, Myth User wrote:
> I know nothing about PostgreSQL.
> The last time I saw Informix in production was a migration project circa
> 1999 when we moved them to SQL Server 7.
> For the last several years I've only seen DB/2, Oracle, and SQL Server in
> the top ten list here at TPC
> http://www.tpc.org/tpch/results/tpch_perf_results.asp
> Some say that you can make numbers say anything but these tests are carried
> out according to strict vendor independant rules and are audited by
> certified auditors so there is no cheating possible.  Each test has the full
> specs and setup published so that anyone can and sometimes they do repeat
> them.
> http://www.tpc.org/information/about/abouttpc.asp
I am not a db tech - I don't know this tpc organization but the members
are the ones that show up on the list so they have a vested interest.

Open source stuff doesn't always have the money to do these things -
c'est la vie.

Again - this is not an enterprise list so why even bother with this
here. If you want intellectual debate about db's on Enterprise Linux, do
it on an Enterprise Linux list - otherwise you are just baiting and
being obnoxious.


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