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Re: Problems installing FC4 on Dell Optiplex GX620


Let me start by appologising for hijacking a thread where someone asked for
help and turning it into another pointless windows/linux thread.

Let me continue to point out that I said earlier Windows is not better than

I will also say that Linux is not better than Windows.

Can we agree that they are different yet overlap in functionality?  If we
can't then one of us isn't being reasonable.

Very early on and it's probably been lost now were my comments that I use
Fedora and am very happy for it and for the efforts in particular of those
who made it usable to me as a HTPC.

There are situations where the only solution is Linux.  There are situations
where the only solution is Windows.  There are no products on any other
platform like Dreamweaver, Visual Studio .Net, Content Management Server, or

Until MCE came out there was no practial way to make Windows into an HTPC.

> splitting hairs to the point where you need a dictionary reference?
> Adjudicated, settled, convicted...are you that worried about the
> terminology?

Was it you or someone else correcting my spelling earlier?  Was that a hair

> Yeah, I guess so because you call 'upgrades' not 're-purchasing'. OK, I
> will go for accuracy here...an 'upgrade' is the ability to 're-purchase'
> at a discount.

So do you think MS is alone here?  Think Oracle let people who owned 7
upgrade to 8 for free?

> In any event, the DOJ 'proved' several points of their case against
> Microsoft, they are still under compliance orders, they are under appeal
> for similar issues already adjudicated in the EU. At what point do you
> call the kettle, black?

The point is that Microsoft engaged in what was ruled to be unfair

> oh oh - various versions of EULA - imagine that. We were however talking
> about 'transfer' not 'resale' - guess what...the license...the ability
> to use the same copy of Windows XP...it don't transfer. Funny how you
> missed the point of that.

The original words were "...which is neither transferable nor durable"

And yes one can sell XP one can install it on a different computer.  I am
not under the same limitations as you perhaps because I bought XP not a
bundle of a computer and XP.

> what is your point? Why are you here?
> I ask that seriously because I don't get the point of your being on this
> list at all - to antagonize people with your preference for Windows?

I signed up on this list to further my knowledge of Fedora because I intend
to continue using it as it is a well suited match to some problems that I
need to solve.

> I've got a Windows machine right here. Three taps on my keyboard and my
> kvm switches to Windows/Mac/Linux or Linux server. No big deal


> There are a lot of people on this list that use Windows - so what?

Good for them too.

> What is your point? To argue with us that Microsoft isn't greedy,
> punitive, a monopoly, confusing everyone with an array of End User
> License Agreements, selling software with restrictive licenses, or just
> generally denigrating those that 'stupidly' believe that Linux is far
> more 'enterprise' ready than Windows at this point in time?

Microsoft is a publicly traded company I certainly hope they have profit as
the motive for all their actions.

Microsoft is not a monopoly.  I really don't see how you can support this.
Do you know the difference between these terms: monopoly, oligopoly, free

> You seem well suited for sales of low lands in Florida near Lake
> Okeechobee.

Personal attack? or another tangent?

> Admittedly Fedora is not intended for the enterprise...Red Hat has
> products for the enterprise...they are called RHEL and they have
> different mail lists for those. Perhaps you want to take your assertions
> that Linux isn't ready for the enterprise with people who are running
> the enterprise version in their enterprise...if you want to dance to the
> music, you really should go to where the band is playing. I'll see you
> there because I am on the lists there too and I actually do run their
> 'enterprise' versions.

> I did personally enjoy how you accused me of being wrong and fallacious
> but when provided with evidence that proved my point that it was you who
> was wrong and specifically asked you to acknowledge, that you ignored
> the question altogether.

Please calmly remind me.  I will gladly admit I am in error.  In fact I'll
take your word on it.

> One last thing...a comment about class. I am subscribed to several
> Windows mail lists and I manage to participate on the list without
> antagonizing those who blindly believe as you do. Somewhere inside, you
> probably have some class as you are somewhat articulate...you should
> make more of an effort to display it.

"> You seem well suited for sales of low lands in Florida near Lake
> Okeechobee."
 oh that's class

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