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Re: Problems installing FC4 on Dell Optiplex GX620

>> Now that's just laughable.  I've yet to see one that I'd call stable.
>> If "Windows is stable", they'd all be stable.  It's not.  It's only
>> stable under some circumstances, ones I don't get to see.  I won't
>> claim Fedora is any better, but I certainly won't agree with Windows
>> earning the monika of being stable.
>> This must be some new definition of being "stable" that I'm not
>> familiar with.

Craig White:
> I find Windows XP pretty stable...probably more stable than FC-4 that
> I'm using on my desktop but that was an upgrade from FC-1 to FC-3 to
> FC-4 and I am gonna wipe it all out and install FC-5.

I don't find Windows XP even "fairly" stable, while I do find FC4 so
stable I can call it reliable.  I'm reminded of a comment made while
studying electronics, about poor design:  "The output will remain
constant, when adjusted to do so."

I find an awful lot of tinkering is *required* with XP, but FC4 pretty
much "just works", and keeps on doing so.  And XP *still* hasn't gotten
out of that "reboot required after minor configuration change"

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