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Re: Help Please Can I reinsall FC 2 without losing my data

M.K wrote:
I installed Fedora core 2 server six month ago and it worked fine. Yesterday
after turn off the computer the system did not boot. The server upon reboot
will get stuck at then At grub boot screen I  removed  "rhgb quiet" and
rebooted it. I got more messages but stuck at the same message.  INIT:
version 2.85 booting
I reboot the computer And used FC2's First CD with Linux rescue mode I did
not get any errors . after continuing many steps
the message I got  " Your system is mounted under the /mnt/sysimage
and the shell prompt came.  sh-2.05b#
The result of  "ls" command:
bin             etc           linuxra             mnt             oldtmp
       sbin                 sys                usr
dev              lib             lost+fund            modules          proc
       selinux         temp             var

My question is if I reinstall FC2 without  any modification on dsk
partitions,  is  it possible to loose my data
"database and programs"  that I have under  usr/local/           ?


Whether you can reinstall without losing data depends on how you're partitioned. Ordinarily, when you install you format/reformat some or all partitions: all data on those are lost.

Data on partitions you do not format will ordinarily be preserved, but if you reinstall and lose data, be sure you only point fingers at yourself:-)

Prudence says to back things up first, and Paranoia suggests replacing the disk first....

What should work with minimum risk is upgrading FC2 to FC2 - yest, that's right, upgrade FC2 to itself. There is a good chance whatever went wrong will magically get fixed.

Backing up first is still a good idea, and disk is cheap.

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