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Re: Problems installing FC4 on Dell Optiplex GX620

I have been watching this discussion, but I do not find it helpful in solving my problem.
I did manage to finally install FC4 on Friday.  Originally, I was trying to install the x86_64 CDs without any success, with the SATA controller set in either "normal" or "combined" mode.  I did manage to get FC3 installed with the SATA controller set to "combined".  Late Friday, I set the SATA controller to "normal" mode and tried the normal i386 install CDs (instead of the x86_64 CDs) and everything went OK.
I am not sure what the particular recipe is for these Dell Optiplex GX620's, but I will try and figure out a recipe.  It seems to me that you may need a Linux partition on the drive first.  I vaguely remember seeing a post about this in one of my Google searches.  These boxes arrived from Dell with Windows XP pro already installed.  It could also be problem with the SATA controller on the x86_64 CDs.  Since I have a number of these Dell's kicking around, I will try some different combinations to determine what the recipe is.
I will post my results in a day or so.

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gentlemen, have we helped the original poster with his question/issue?

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