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Re: De-activate a swap partition - I don't believe it!

On Sun, 2006-03-19 at 20:33 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Sunday 19 March 2006 19:52, Craig McLean wrote:
> > Anne Wilson wrote:
> > > I want to reorganise partitions on hdb - combining some, to make fewer,
> > > larger partitions.  gparted says that I can't do that, because hdb11 is
> > > being used as a swap partition.  I do have a swap on hda, so could easily
> > > manage wihout it temporarily.  Is there any way to do that without
> > > rebooting?  I removed it from fstab and did 'mount -a', but that doesn't
> > > solve the problem.  I think I'm right in saying that it is not mounted,
> > > in a conventional sense, so I don't know how to proceed.
> > >
> > > Anne
> >
> > Anne,
> > Check the manpages for swapon/swapoff..
> >
> I used gparted to delete a couple of partitions and create a new one, then 
> created a new one at the end, in some unallocated space.  Everything looked 
> fine, and it started the final scan - the whole disk is marked Unallocated, 
> and fdisk -l doesn't see anything.  Tomorrow I'll try testdisk to see whether 
> it is recoverable, but if fdisk can't see it I'm not hopeful.
You might try fdisk to do the partitioning instead of gparted.  That may
be the problem.  
fdisk -l only reports the partition table it sees. If nothing it
recognizes is there it cannot report it.

Sometimes the kernel sees one partition table, and when changes are made
it *requires* a reboot to see the new table.  Sometimes it sees the
change without a reboot.  I have not really figured out the differences,
but I do know that after a reboot it will see the current table

I tend to stick with the tried and true command line tools because of
proven reliability.

> Anne
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