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Re: artec 48+U scanner & xsane

On Sunday 19 Mar 2006 22:33, hbrhodes wrote:
> hi, i have  an artec 48+U usb scanner, i'm using the current xsane stuff
> provided by yum.  i'm using FC4.  i'm up to date on everything i can
> think of, k?  here goes.
> i have this scanner that 'used' to show up as not supported.  i know
> this isn't the xsane list, so i apologize, however, i am wondering if
> anyone has gotten their scanner to work.  it used to be that my scanner
> would say "not working need some *.so.6 files to work.  now it just says
> scanner not detected.  i'm trying to use it with gimp, and i do have the
> xsane-gimp plugin (according to yum).
> any help appreciated, thanks!

I have trouble with my Epson scanner but I'm hoping that the bug is now being 

Does sane-find-scanner  work for you?

Have you tried looking at /etc/sane.d/artec_eplus48u.conf this file is present 
in both FC3 and FC5t3 so I guess FC4 will have it too. It might give you a 

That's about all I can suggest.

Dave F
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