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Re: FC5 Boot Issue?

Anthony Messina wrote:
Mike Chambers wrote:

On Sun, 2006-03-19 at 16:06 -0600, Anthony Messina wrote:

well, jim, there have been a few reports at fedoraforum.org of users having this issue with notebooks, which isn't a good sign. but why don't you wait to tell us about it until tomorrow afternoon, when fc5 is officially released?

And why does he have to wait until tomorrow to discuss it?  Who from Red
Hat has chimed in and said "Bad boy, you will NOt discuss then until the
announcement has been made official, until then you sit in the corner
with your mouth taped so you can't talk about it"?

Everyone quit taking this "not officially released until tomorrow" deal
when someone that got the ISO's early, has a problem or whatever and
asks a question.  Either answer it, or just let them deal with it until
soemone else does.

(Not mad or whatever about this, the problem still exists whether it's
today or tomorrow, ya know?)

i understand very clearly your position, mike. however, i would like to point out that the many users on this list may be in a better position to offer support after more people (perhaps) encounter the same problem that the original poster is having.

You may well be right, but that doesn't excuse the small-child rudeness of saying, "bad boy, you can't do that!."

It seems fairly clear the ISOs have leaked, that they are genuine.

If you can't help with a problem, whether this or any other, then shut up and let those who can do so.

If you think it unethical or somehow wrong to be using FC5 before its official release, you have a problem. Let those who think it okay get on with it, and if the Fedora Project is somehow offended, the folk there are the ones, the only ones, with the right to say "Don't do that."

Those who are testing it now are helping solve problems you and I may have. Butt out and let them help you.

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