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Re: Back up data in Rescue mode

If I could  upgrade  my  fc2  server( which does not boot ) with fc3 or fc4  that's fine
I will find  fc3.

I had tried to reinstall fc2 with my Cd's .
I chose automatic   partitioning then I chose Keep all partitions and use existing free space
which showed three partitions,
/dev/hda1  boot
/dev/hda2   root
/dev/hfa3 swap
when I had tried to click next,  I got error that you did not choose Root directory.
I did not know what I had to do.
Then I have decided to back up my data and reinstall with remove all partitons option .


On 3/19/06, gary <garys mtaonline net> wrote:
On Sun, 2006-03-19 at 19:55 -0800, M.K wrote:
> My FC2 deos not boot up.
> How could I back  up my data in rescue mode with shell command ?
> my data are on local  directory.
> How could I login in as a root  to see my local dir.
> -result With "ls" command in shell prompt:
>  bin             etc           linuxra             mnt
> oldtmp
>         sbin                 sys                usr
>  dev              lib             lost
> +fund            modules          proc
>         selinux         temp             var

Slightly off topic - but if you have a copy of fc3 or fc4 you can do an
upgrade, which might leave your data intact.  --gary

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