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Re: De-activate a swap partition - I don't believe it!

On Monday 20 March 2006 08:19, jdow wrote:
> From: "Anne Wilson" <cannewilson tiscali co uk>
> > One thing I need to know, before I rebuild the partition table.  Does
> > linux use anything like the DOS extended partition?  I've never seen any
> > mention of it.
> ===8<--- from "man fdisk"
> A DOS type partition table 

I saw that, but see below
> can describe an unlimited number  of  parti- 
> tions.  In  sector  0 there is room for the description of 4 partitions
> (called ‘primary’). One of these may be an extended partition; this  is
>                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
'may be an extended partition' - does that mean it should be, or it could be?  
IOW, would you do it that way?

> a  box  holding  logical partitions, with descriptors found in a linked
> list of sectors, each preceding the corresponding  logical  partitions.
> The  four primary partitions, present or not, get numbers 1-4.  Logical
> partitions start numbering from 5.
> ===8<---
> Actually I believe multiple extended partitions are a valid if normally
> silly construct.

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