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Re: FC5 Boot Issue?

On 3/20/06, Andy Green <andy warmcat com> wrote:
> jdow wrote:
> > Thou art righteously screwed, Mr. Jim.
> >
> > 5.0 is not released yet. You MAY have a hacked nasty-tool on your system.
> MAY is a bit different from the certainty of a righteous screwing.  I
> seriously doubt he should be more worried than you or I on a previous
> Fedora release.
> > Poor sucker. (At fedora's site at RedHat.com the FC 5 directory is not
> > world readable yet.)
> To be fair, when you install anything you MAY be installing something
> bad, no matter if you got it from RHAT.  They get their sources from
> other projects and I seriously doubt someone line-by-lines them after
> download.  There continue to be attempts by bad people to backdoor
> upstream project sources, including the kernel itself, in ways that are
> hard to detect.  We happily assume that every attempt known about is
> indeed every attempt.
> It seems to be a bit of a tradition that FCx leaks a little early after
> it is finalized but while the mirrors are sync'd, and as somebody noted
> the SHA-1s are signed with a RHAT key.  However if it were me I would
> download the thing but not install it until I checked the SHA-1s after
> RHAT release, that way you at least optimized out the download time in
> the most likely case it is genuine.
> -Andy
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