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Re: Samba Access from WinXP

Ali Helmy wrote:
> Hey mates,
> I set-up a smaba server on my laptop with a shared folder, and correct
> work-group access, so that I can see it from my WinXP program on the
> network... Now, I also managed the correct user access for the server,
> with username = my username (ahelmy) and password...
> However, I cannot access the server (or the shared folder, that is) from
> my WinXP pc, so... what else should I do? When I try and access it, I
> get the permission denied error mesage
> Thank you
You need to run smbpasswd to add your user to the Samba user
database, and set the password. Windows and Linux use different
password algorithms for encrypting passwords. So Samba can not
use the Linux password unless you set XP to use plain text
passwords when talking to the Samba server.

This is all covered in the Samba documentation.


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