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Re: Samba Access from WinXP

huh? I didn't really understand that Guido :)

On 20/03/06, Guido Leisker <lists gl guido-leisker de> wrote:
> Hey mates,
> I set-up a smaba server on my laptop with a shared folder, and correct
> work-group access, so that I can see it from my WinXP program on the
> network... Now, I also managed the correct user access for the server,
> with username = my username (ahelmy) and password...
> However, I cannot access the server (or the shared folder, that is) from
> my WinXP pc, so... what else should I do? When I try and access it, I
> get the permission denied error mesage
> Thank you
> --
> A. Helmy
Do you try to share home dirs?
Then you have a problem with se linux
Have a look at
$ man samba_selinux

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A. Helmy
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