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Why cant BitTorrent just work?

I went to grab Fedora5 with BitTorrent.
First off, it (BitTorrent) is not in Fedora4, why?
I went off to the BitTorrent site, grabbed the rpm, and installed it.
It doesnt install the hook to work with FireFox, Why?
OK try to decide which of the bittorrent executables to exe
Look in /usr/share/doc/BitTorrent-4.4.0, nothing there of any interest,
    I want to use it to pull files, not generate my own source.
bittorrent-console sounds like it could be it.  It splatters output all over
    my screen, but DOES seem to be starting to work.
I try bittorrent insted.  It never starts.

OK, the bittorrent of several years ago was probably a lot less clever
but you COULD get it to work.

I have an FTP running as I type this...
Damn, it (bittorrent) really seemed like a good idea, to bad that
    they cant get it to the point where it just works AND THEN 

                                        reg dwf com

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