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Re: FC5 Released!!

On Mon, 2006-03-20 at 15:06 -0500, Phil wrote:
> I am wide open, all ports going out are available... and I tried
> disabling my firewall too... after 5 minutes I get a whole 5KB/sec...
> But the point of torrents was to speed up file transfers because of
> bottlenecks of going to the main servers... I have yet to be able to
> download FCx with bittorrent... always get much faster speeds using
> the mirrors...
It's possible that your ISP throttles bittorrent.

It's possible that your system hasn't picked up enough seeds/peers yet
to be effective.

You might get faster speeds - depends upon your circumstances,
especially where you obtain your bandwidth but today, with all of the
load on the main server and mirrors...I doubt it would download all that
fast. Maybe tomorrow or the next day.

I have seen how fast Bittorent works - I've not been seeing such great
performance today as I saw when FC-4 was released but I recollect doing
FC-4 the day after it was released.


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