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Re: Can't tell if I have been hacked :(

Lovell Mcilwain wrote:

> I logged into my machine via ssh and found that I couldn't run any
> commands and got a input/output error.  I couldn't run the who
> command to see if anyone else was logged into my machine and I
> couldn't check my firestarter log to see if I have been breached.
> I was able to run an ls -al and found that a lot of my permissions
> had
> ???? as the owner.  My gnome interface is pretty much disappeared and
> all I see is the background.  I can't shut down this machine because
> the halt and shutdown commands are not recognized (I get the same
> input/output error)

This happens to me last week on two computers with fc4 installed on.
Both systems have a aha-2940 scsi card on board. Don't know if this is
a problem of the kernel (2.6.15-1.1833_FC4) or of the aic7xxx-module.
On rebooting the systems I got the error 'mkrootdev: label / not found'
and I had to reinstall the complete system.

By the way, all harddisks (ide) are ok, I have tested them with several
tools. So my trust in fedora is a little bit distressed.


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