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Re: FedoraCore Installation Problem

Can someone give me a clue as to what DNS setting would prevent my fc3 machine from being able to resolve names, such as: ping yahoo.com  returns "unknown host"
but I can access this machine via ssh, samba is set up and working, I can ftp into it, but when I try to access hosts by name it fails, but when I do,  ping  (which is yahoo.com)  it works.

I'm sure the answer is simple. Thanks for your help.

On 3/20/06, LinUsr <no-reply-gw fcp homelinux org> wrote:
Hello All,
I'm trying to install FedoraCore 4 (WorkStation) from the CDs (just downloaded 4x ISO images for i386 and burned to CDs).
The installation starts OK, but it always stalls forever on kernel installation stage [I'm using installer in Graphical mode, and the following message appears on the screen: "Remaining time 15 minutes. Installing kernel 2.6.11-1369_FC4.i686 (39 MB)"]
The old RedHat 7.2 installs OK to the same machine, therefore it shouldn't be a hardware problem...
Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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