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Re: artec 48+U scanner & xsane

hbrhodes wrote:
> okay, i did that and i found the following, when i tried to use it as root or 
> user, it said something about "failed to open device 
> 'artec_eplus48u:libusb:001:007': invalid argument.

Hi. I've got the same scanner, and had the same problem.

Hopefully you'll have found the /etc/sane.d directory, the
artec_eplus48u.conf configuration file, and put the "Artec48.usb" file
in /usr/share/sane/artec_eplus48u/, like it asks.

I must admit that I thought I'd done that, and was still getting the
error message.

Some research lead me to man sane-artec_eplus48u and the
SANE_DEBUG_ARTEC_EPLUS48U environment variable.

gave a whole bunch of output, including
    [artec_eplus48u] Try to open firmware file: "/usr/share/sane/artec_eplus48u/Artec48.usb"
    [artec_eplus48u] Cannot open firmware file "/usr/share/sane/artec_eplus48u/1200.usb"
    [artec_eplus48u] download_firmware_file failed

A bit of headscratching lead me to realise that I'd mis-spelled the
directory. Whoops!

In any case, I hope this helps. I hope the export variable helps you
track down what's going wrong for you.


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