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Re: What's new and what's different with Fedora Core 5?

I'm using the embedded HP NetRAID controller which is a part of the HP NetServer LH3Rs mobo and that's how the HDs came hooked up so I'm kind of hesident to go about changing the HDs connections since the server is big and seems like it'd be difficult to get inside of, currently using RAID0 so I can get all 54GB out of the 6 9GB HDs, will change to a redundent RAID setup though when the need arises (right now the server is merely for playing with and thus does not hold any important information, may be used later on for website hosting though and at that point I'd change the RAID to a redundent setup)...is the megaraid driver still a part of the installer in this version of Fedora Core?

Oh and yeah, I guess I must've been reading some summerized version of the release notes because the ones linked to in this "thread" are very comprehensive :-)

On 3/20/06, Bruno Wolff III <bruno wolff to> wrote:
On Mon, Mar 20, 2006 at 12:25:09 -0800,
  Hex Star <hexstar gmail com> wrote:
> Hi, it has come to my attention that Fedora Core 5 has finally been publicly
> released, however before I embark upon the journey of downloading the ISOs
> for Fedora Core 5 I'd like to see if the improvements/changes really justify
> me downloading the new version. I've looked at the release notes for Fedora
> Core 5 and they didn't really shed much light on what's new other then
> really that a new version of KDE is included as I can remember. So, can
> anyone here provide some more details on what's new and what has changed
> (such as any drivers removed from the installer cd? (I'm most concerned
> about megaraid because the server I'd use this on requires that driver in
> order for Linux to interact with its HDs)) with the release of Fedora Core 5
> please? Thanks! :-)

What kind of raid are you using. You are often better off using software
raid rather than a cheap hardware controller. It will often be faster and
you aren't locked into a specific controller if your raid card dies.

What particularly interets me in this release is the new reference policy for
SELinux and Apache 2.2.

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