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Re: 5 Disks into 1 DVD

i better quickly reply  to my own mess... Somehow the template file got
corrupted. Its checksum was bad, i copied it again, and it is now happily
scanning like crazy and making what looks like a giant big ISO file
ready to be burnt.

more later,

- peter

On Mon, 20 Mar 2006, Peter Teuben wrote:

sadly it gave me this error:
	jigdo-file make-image: Invalid template data - corrupted file?

the instructions aren't quite cut and paste, so i essentially loopback mounted
each CD (6 of them!) and did
	find /fc5 -type f -exec cp -p '{}' $n \;

where $n was my directory where all files are supposed to be....
That directory winds up to be 3.1 GB, so i think i got the size right, but i
guess something else isn't.....

here's a neat recipe to make a DVD from the CDs.


the jigdo and template file for FC-5 appear to be on their website
and i'm about to give it a shot.

Thank Peter!!  I will see what happens. :)

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