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Re: Preparing for FC5

Ali Helmy wrote:
Ingo wrote:
What about just wait some days, then grab fedora-release from FC5,
install it with rpm and just do yum update after that.

Using the installer from the downloaded and burned media would be the least troublesome. I believe work was completed to make the installer tougher than it was in the test releases. If the installer wimps out on you, you might try the FC5 release package installation and the below steps. You might need to do an rpm -e hotplug just to get a list of packages that depend upon hotplug. You then would need to run yum update for the packages that depend upon hotplug. The newer versions are fixed to remove the need for hotplug. Next you would need to update initscripts which will remove hotplug and pull in dependent packages.
Update yum itself using yum -y update yum, then update the kernel.
I suggest running setenforce 0 before performing the installation.

I'm afraid I don't really get you, do you mean I should just wait and then yum update, and everything will be FC5?

It unfortunately is not that simple, you will probably run into some conflicts with xorg-x11 packages. I ran into a few myself and had to figure out how to resolve the conflicts. I don't recall other package problems except for third party packages which were installed on a non-networked computer.


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