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Re: Announcing the release of Fedora Core 5

From: "Anthony Messina" <amessina messinet com>

Fedora Project wrote:
Hi, my name is Fedora Core "Bordeaux", and today I am 5.  When I
turned 4 last year, they got a funny salesman to talk about me like I
was a toy.  I like toys.  But today Teacher said I am a big kid, and I
should talk about myself.  I can do lots of big kid stuff now, and
everyone tells me that I play really well with all the other kids in
class, even the ones who are mean like bullies.  I always try and
share, which is what Teacher says is the best thing.

interesting choice of announcement styles! i forwarded it to my mom, who's a third grade teacher. she said, in elementary school, this is called "voice" and applauded your writing style.

i know many people are busy downloading and already updating fc5 (myself included), but i wanted to take the time to say thanks to all of you who made this possible. you guys/gals really work hard and i think the fedora line is something to be proud of.

One also wonders about the apparent age involved. Now, Fedora Core is a
different kind of organism than human beings. That suggests that its
gestation and growth patterns would be a little different. So I guess
the big question is, "What is 5 in Fedora Core translated to the
equivalent in Human years?"


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