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Re: Preparing for FC5

From: "Styma, Robert E (Robert)" <stymar lucent com>

>Hey mates,
>So, in waiting for FC5, can someone walk me in to a step-by-step >procedure as to what to do in order to be able to install FC5 on my >laptop, and still maintain all my settings, files, programs, etc?
>Thank you
What I do is:-

tar everything in /home then copy the tar file somewhere very safe plus somewhere else very safe. Copy the tar file to a temporary folder maybe on another machine and make sure it unpacks OK.

Next record for all users the user name and user ID (the number that starts at 500 for the first user added).

Wipe the hard drive.

Boot from install CD 1 and install the new OS. Don't add any users.

yum -y update

As root copy the tar file back onto your machine unpack it into /home

Starting with user ID 500 and running through everybody in numerical order, re-create your list of users on the new installation. This will make all the file ownership attributes match the proper users. If you've got gaps in the order it should be possible to set the ID number manually.

Get your users to put their passwords back in.

Everything should now be as it was before, but running with the new OS.

Dave F

I do one more thing besides the above.  I make a tar of /etc from the
old system.  While you can NOT just reload it, it provides many useful
settings that you will want to look at when setting up the new machine.
Such as, your smb.conf file, data from your sshd.conf file, /etc/hosts,
/etc/hosts.deny, /etc/hosts.allow, httpd.conf file, password, group, where to put the vnc lines in your xorg.conf file, etc.

And given the perplexities of bind I find I also have to make an
archive if /var/named these days. <gigasigh>


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