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Re: installed software when upgrading

On Mon, 2006-03-20 at 16:51 -0800, Robert Bell wrote:
> I understand this will be one in a very long line of similar questions, 
> hopefully other have the same. I appreciate any help.
> My main concern upgrading to FC5 is existing software. I did read the 
> release notes, I see that MySQL 5 is now the default for example. How 
> can I know what will happen to these critical apps when I upgrade?
> *My FC4 system contains (that I care about)*
> Apache w/ php
> Cyrus IMAP
> amavisd-new
> Postfix
> I've had problems in the past with cyrus when the db version changes. I 
> envision many of these same issues, I'm just not sure how to be sure 
> everything will work.
> Not asking for a step-by-step, just some advice.
back up everything you care about onto another disk somewhere...this
means specifically...


mysqld database dump *** very important ***



probably a good idea to back up users' home directories too.


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