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Re: Yum Repos

Pere Fedora wrote:


How do I've to change my repos config. Now I've installed the FC5 Test 3. How do I activate the FC5 ones?

I've disabled testing ones, and enabled the FC5 ones which came disabled with FC5 Test 3 but I only get errors with the mirrors.

Thanks in advance,

You have to install the fedora-release package with rpm after downloading it locally. Once the package is installed, it saves the newer repo files located in /etc/yum.repos.d from reponame.repo.rpmsave to reponame.repo. You need to remove/rename/relocate the older reponame.repo files before changing the rpmsave files to regular reponame.repo file names. Also, a lot of the mirrors are not synced up yet or are very congested. You might need to try running your update program several times or find an updated mirror and add the url instead of using the mirror listing way.



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