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Re: FedoraCore Installation Problem

On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 03:12 +0100, LinUsr wrote:
> Craig,
> Thanks a lot. 
> I'll try to find out the exact model of disk controller, but it looks like you are absolutely right about the SCSI.
> I just installed RedHat 7.2 on the machine to double-check that it still installs OK, and the driver modules in use are "ide-scsi" and "scsi_mod" (according to 'lsmod').
> Thanks again.
> +---
lspci -v

you didn't need to install to see that - you only needed to switch to a
console windows after booting the install disks and getting a console
with a command prompt.

lsmod doesn't really tell you anything about the hardware, only which
kernel modules the system is using and 7.2 is ancient history and
obsolete. If you had to do anything, you should use 7.3, RHEL 2.1 or
CentOS 2.x

But if you want to figure out what the SCSI problem is with the 2.6
kernels, you are going to have to investigate the issue with your
hardware and thus, lspci -v is a likely candidate for providing more


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