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Re: [FC5] First impression

Patrick wrote:
After downloading FC5, I eagerly started installing.

Installation went flawless, except that the package selection is more detailed/work. And certain usefull applications are by default not selected.

I agree that the selected defaults are not the applications that I use regularly and find valuable.

After installation, I noticed certain things which saddened me ...

* Gconf wasn't installed (by default).
* When logging out of a graphical enviroment, I can't select the option anymore which allows me to save "any active stuff" ("remember settings"). So every time I log in now, I have to creat manually a terminal window in desktop 4 because I'm used to it.

Some changes to gnome are regressions and should not even be considered to implement the changes. A save session should be available at logout.

* When updating/installing software through the "add/remove software"-option, it automatically goes on internet to grab the software (no DVD?)

If you add a local.repo file with the path to your dvd and also disable the Internet bound repos, you should be able to grab packages from the dvd instead of the Internet. You are right that there should be an automatic detection to check if you have local media inserted with the rpms before it goes out to the Internet. This should have a bug report to add this sort of detection and local install if media is present in a drive.

Changes are not always for the best ...

I agree with this statement.


I'll see you... on the dark side of the moon...
		-- Pink Floyd

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